Inside Scenic Hills Veterinary Hospital

The kennel’s construction is exceptional in that all kennels have stainless steel cages, plexiglass doors and individual exhaust vents in each cage. The exhaust system draws laminar flow fresh air through the cages and exhausts it from the building to decrease odors and prevent disease sharing. The plexiglass doors also decrease the sound transmission from one cage to another. Additional sound dampening is achieved by cages being separated with soundproofing material. Most cages have recessed lighting to allow quicker and better assessment of pet conditions.

Each dog cage has a separate drain. The individual drains not only let urine drain away quickly, but also allow cages to be cleaned and disinfected without dripping down into the cage below, as normally would happen. In the cat kennels, where litter boxes are used, there are no drains. False floors of custom-built square aluminum tubing are more comfortable, warmer and safer than standard expanded steel false floors. They keep the dogs cleaner and drier than towels or paper, which are commonly used in kennels.

Maintaining 100 cages, plus dog runs, plus false floors, all disinfected several times each day is a major task to do well. The dog kennels all have a high-pressure water system that cleans better, more quickly and with less water than a standard system.

Our cleaning practices, pet isolation, fresh air flow and odor elimination effectively prevents the spread of diseases, like kennel cough, which helps keep your pet healthier and saves you money because there is no need to vaccinate your pet for Bordetella kennel cough. Our specially designed kennels are just another way Scenic Hills Veterinary Hospital provides professional and compassionate care to both our patients and our clients.