Flea control for pets ▪ Pensacola, FL

Fleas must jump on the pet for any oral or topical flea product to work. Do not use any products labeled for dogs on cats. Ask your veterinarian before using multiple flea products on your pet at the same time.

No adulticide product, new or old, will kill fleas instantly when the flea jumps on the dog or cat. A lot of fleas in the environment means there will be a lot of fleas on the pet. The fleas will be in the process of dying, eventually falling off dead, but they will be replaced by new fleas from the environment. This does not mean that the product is not working effectively; rather, it means there are many fleas in the environment. Remember, in Pensacola, Milton, Gulf Breeze and the surrounding areas, at any one time, only about one percent of the fleas are on the animal. Concentrate on the environment where 99 percent of the fleas are located!

If no problem exists right now

Before the situation becomes a problem, you should begin your flea control program. Flea eggs are like seeds; they lie dormant until the “right” conditions exist – warm temperatures and moisture – then they begin hatching! That is why fleas are worse right after a rain. Even if your pet only goes outside to use the bathroom (or even if your pet does not go outside at all), your yard should be treated monthly. Fleas can be brought in on a person’s body. If the yard is under control, then no new flea infestations can start in the yard or in the house. Cost-wise, this is a very inexpensive treatment that will help prevent ants, which also bite pets, as well as fleas.

Lawn flea control products are available at most home improvement centers. The yard flea products come in either dry or liquid form. The liquid form can be spread using a garden hose and a hose adapter that dilutes the product with water as you spray. The dry form can be spread using a fertilizer cart. Lightly spray the yard with the water hose after applying to allow the dust to settle. Remember to keep your pets out of the yard for about two hours, or until dry. The weather, like rain or sun, can decrease the effectiveness of any yard flea product, therefore treating about once a month, preferably all year round, is recommended. We offer a variety of flea products, including topical and oral, as well as sprays and collars.

If a flea problem exists right now

Treating the pet, the house and getting on a monthly treatment of the yard is recommended. When using foggers to get a bad flea problem under control, it is best to fog once a week for three weeks. Oral or topical products can even be used just through the worst part of the flea season, as long as you continue to treat the yard monthly, all year long.

Remember, if you bathe your pet regularly (more than once a month), then Advantage II®, Frontline Plus®, Advantix II®, Cheristin® or Tritak® will not last a full month. Oral flea products like Comfortis® and Nexgard®; flea collars like Seresto®; or even flea sprays like Adams Mist® generally work better when bathing your pet several times each month.

Pharmaceutical companies are always introducing, changing and updating their flea products. At Scenic Hills Veterinary Hospital, we give thoughtful consideration to all the products we use and sell to our clients. The products we use and recommend must be proven to be safe, effective and provide good value for our clients.